2012 Media

BBC News, Richard Westcott – 3 December 2012

Which way forward for Britain’s car and rail travel?

The research, which was actually commissioned by the RAC Foundation, the Independent Transport Commission, the Office of Rail Regulation and Transport Scotland, also looks at the corresponding boom on the trains over the same period.

Express, John Ingham – 3 December 2012

Women drivers overtake men on the road

The report was commissioned by the RAC Foundation, the Office of Rail Regulation, the Independent Transport Commission and Transport Scotland. It found that in London car mileage whether in private or company cars is in decline but across the rest of the country mileage is on the increase.

Transport Xtra – Issue 608, 26 October 2012

‘Why Travel?’ Independent Transport Commission asks

(Subscription required) The Independent Transport Commission has launched a new project to investigate the fundamental motivations that underpin the journeys we make. The project, entitled ‘Why Travel?’, is being undertaken by the ITC because, it says, “It is clear we still understand too little about the motivations that underpin travel, in spite of its critical importance for our whole way of life and our future.