Research Reports

The ITC is best known for its major research projects which have helped to inform and shape policy in the fields of land use and planning. You can find a copy of all our research reports, organised by date, below for downloading.


The longer-term impacts of the Pandemic on Transport and Land Use in Britain

ITC Research Report (March 2024)

Full Text , (PDF, 2.8MB)





Achieving zero net carbon transport in our cities

Key issues for policy makers

ITC Research Report (October 2022)

Full Text (PDF, 1.5 MB)


The Covid19 pandemic, transport and land use in Britain

Key strategic issues for policy makers

ITC Research Report (September 2021)

Full Text (PDF, 1 MB)

Why Travel? Understanding our need to move and how it shapes society

Bristol University Press (July 2021)



To order your copy please click on this weblink from Bristol University Press.



The shape of changing Bus demand in England

ITC Research Report (January 2020)

Full Text (PDF, 3MB)




Wider Factors affecting the long-term growth in Rail Travel

ITC Research Report (November 2018)

Full Text (PDF, 2.5 MB)


Technical Appendices to the report (PDF, 1.4MB)


Working Document: What is the contribution of peak and off-peak travel to the urban economy?

Call for Evidence response (September 2018)



Full Text (PDF, 6 MB)



The Strategic Challenges facing UK aviation: assessing the future of air connectivity

ITC Research Report (November 2017)



Full Text (PDF, 2.3 MB)

How can we improve urban freight distribution in the UK? Challenges and solutions

ITC Research Report (May 2017)



Full Text (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Classic Rail and Connected Cities: Capturing the benefits from rail system development

ITC Research Report (April 2017)

Full Text (PDF, 2.1 MB)


Recent trends in road and rail travel: What do they tell us?

On the Move 2 (1995-2014): Overview and policy analysis

ITC Policy Paper (December 2016)

Full Text (PDF, 618 KB)

(read in conjunction with Technical Report below)

On the Move 2 – Making sense of travel trends in England 1995-2014: Technical Report

Peter Headicar and Gordon Stokes (December 2016)


Full Text (PDF, 1.9 MB)

(read in conjunction with Policy Analysis above)

High Speed Rail and Connected Cities: Accessible Places for Growing Economies

ITC Research report (May 2016)

Connected Cities Cover

Full Text (PDF, 7 MB)

The sustainability of UK Aviation: Trends in the mitigation of noise and emissions

Peter Hind and RDC Aviation Ltd (March 2016)

Full Text (PDF, 1.61 MB)

Paying for Roads and Road Use, Phase 2: Attitudinal Research Report

Social Research Associates (Updated March 2016)

PRRU attitudinal report thumb

Full Text (PDF, 4.88 MB)

*please note that much of the data collected for this report was collected in 2014


On the Move: Exploring attitudes to road and rail travel in Britain

Social Research Associates (July 2015)



Full Text (4MB)

Time to Act: The economic consequences of failing to expand airport capacity

Dr Rebecca Driver (June 2015)

Tim to Act Cover

Full text (PDF, 786KB)

Delivering improved airport capacity: The cost and impact of the Airports Commission’s shortlisted options

Peter Hind (February 2015)

Airport Capacity Cover

Full text (PDF, 1.19MB)


Ambitions and Opportunities

Understanding the Spatial Effects of High Speed Rail (November 2014)

Ambitions and Opportunities

Full text (PDF, 15.4MB)

Surface Connectivity: assessing the merits of the Airports Commission’s options for UK aviation

Dr T Ryley and Dr A Zanni (October 2014)

Surface conncetivity thumb

Full Text (PDF, 0.8MB)

Improving the efficiency of UK freight movements

The contribution to economic growth (July 2014)

Freight report cover

Full Text  (PDF, 1MB)

Capturing the Value of High Speed Rail

Learning from Europe: The Lille Symposium (March 2014)


Full Text (PDF, 7.5 MB)

Aviation: the optimal size of a UK Hub airport

Peter Hind (February 2014)


Full Text (PDF, 1.5 MB)


The Spatial Effects of High Speed Rail: Capturing the Opportunity

Study Paper (October 2013)


Full Text (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Van Travel in Great Britain

What do we know from the National Travel Survey? (October 2013)


Full Text (PDF, 635 KB)

On the Move

Car, rail and bus travel trends in Scotland (June 2013)


Full Text (PDF, 9.1MB)

Flying into the Future

Key issues for assessing Britain’s Aviation infrastructure needs (May 2013)


Full Text (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Understanding Changes in Road and Rail Travel

Attitudinal Research Pilot Study (February 2013)


Full Text (PDF, 156 KB)

The European Experience of Motorway Vignette Schemes for Cars

Paying for Roads: What is the way forward? (Supplementary Paper, January 2013)

Full Text

Full text (1.7MB)


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