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Welcome to the Independent Transport Commission

The ITC is Britain's independent research charity committed to improving policy on transport, land use and planning


ITC releases new Occasional Paper

The ITC has released a new Occasional Paper exploring how Brexit will affect transport. The paper reflects issues and concerns raised by the industry and submitted to the ITC's recent Call for Evidence. To download please click here.


Urban Freight Distribution: challenges and solutions

The ITC has released a new report exploring how we can improve urban freight distribution. Drawing on a set of innovative case studies the report makes recommendations to authorities and policy makers. Please click here to download.


ITC Autumn Discussion Evening

The ITC's Autumn Discussion Evening will take place on the evening of Thursday 26th October 2017 at the Cowcross Street Gallery in Farringdon. The subject of the discussion will be What will be the impact of aerial drones on transport? and will be chaired by ITC Commissioner Dr Stephen Hickey. Discussion will be led by an expert guest panel including Tris Dyson (Director, NESTA Challenge Prize Centre). Priority is given to ITC supporters and attendance is by invitation only: if you would like to be considered for a place please contact our Events Secretary, Lucy Kilborn.