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Welcome to the Independent Transport Commission

The ITC is Britain's independent research charity committed to improving policy on transport, land use and planning


ITC wins major grant for new Vehicle Decarbonisation study

The ITC is most grateful to the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund which has generously provided a grant to enable us to undertake research into the social and distributional impacts of vehicle decarbonisation policies. This study will involve a major public consultation exercise and the findings will be released in Summer 2024.

ITC debates how cities can achieve their net-zero carbon road maps

The ITC's Spring Discussion Webinar took place on the evening of 17th April to examine how our cities can achieve their net-zero carbon transport road maps. An expert panel was assembled with representatives from Transport for London, Nottingham City Council, Cambridge University and Arup Group and more than 50 attendees engaged in a lively and wide-ranging discussion. For more information please click here to read the summary report

New ITC report on net-zero carbon transport in our cities

The ITC is pleased to release a new report examining the road maps to achieve net-zero carbon transport in our cities. Authored by a team of academic experts from Nottingham Business School, the report provides a toolkit for assessing progress towards zero carbon transport and argues that cities need more autonomy over funding and policy. To download a copy please click here.



Autumn Discussion Dinner

The ITC is delighted to host its Autumn 'Thought Leadership' discussion dinner in partnership with Eversheds Sutherland on the evening of Tuesday 7th November 2022. The event will provide a preview of the ITC's forthcoming report 'What will be the policy and regulatory impacts of new aviation technologies?' from our research study co-sponsored by the Civil Aviation Authority. Priority is given to corporate supporters of the charity but those interested in joining should contact