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Welcome to the Independent Transport Commission

The ITC is Britain's independent research charity committed to improving policy on transport, land use and planning


ITC House of Lords Annual Dinner

The ITC was delighted to have an opportunity to thank its core benefactors at the House of Lords at its Annual Dinner with ITC Patrons Lord Andrew Adonis and Lord Roger Freeman on 8 December 2015.

ITC gives evidence to House of Lords Built Environment Committee

ITC Commissioner John Worthington, chairman of the ITC's High Speed Rail and cities project, presented evidence on 19th November to the House of Lords Built Environment Committee as part of their enquiry into infrastructure provision. A recording can be viewed using this link.



ITC Winter Discussion Evening on Transport and the Sharing Economy

The ITC's Winter Discussion Evening will explore 'How is the sharing economy changing travel?' and will be held on the 23rd February 2016 from 6:15 to 9:00pm at the Alan Baxter Gallery, London. An expert panel chaired by Simon Linnett will include Ari Kestin, Chief Executive of Nimber, Andy Boland, Chief Executive of Addison Lee, Helen Goulden, Executive Director of NESTA's Innovation Lab and Indy Johar, Founder of HUB Westminster. Attendance is by invitation only, and priority is given to ITC supporters, but if you are interested in attending please contact Lucy Kilborn, ITC Events Secretary.