One of the great strengths of the ITC is its membership. Representing a considerable pool of talent, all our members have strong voices in one or more areas of land use and transport.

The Members of the ITC are present as individuals, not as representatives of any organisations for which they work. They give their time voluntarily.

List of Commissioners and Staff:

Simon Linnett (Chairman) Executive Vice-Chairman, Rothschild

Alan Baxter CBE (Hon. Treasurer) Founder, Alan Baxter Associates, Consulting Engineers

Kristine Beuret OBE Director, Social Research Associates

Mary Bonar Transport Advisor

John Dawson Chairman, International Road Assessment Programme

Nicholas Finney OBE Consultant, UK Port Advisors

Dr Peter Headicar Reader in Transport Planning, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Stephen Hickey Chairman, Community Transport Association

Professor Peter Jones Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

Sarah Kendall Area Director for Wales, Network Rail

Steven Norris Chairman, National Infrastructure Planning Association

John Worthington Co-Founder, DEGW, and Director of The Academy of Urbanism

Dr Matthew Niblett (Secretary-General) Transport Studies Unit,
University of Oxford

A list of past ITC Commissioners may be found here