Occasional Papers

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The Commission draws on the expertise of its members though a series of Occasional Papers on topical issues. These short papers are designed as ‘think pieces’ to launch debate on policy and planning.

These have explored a wide range of issues, from how policy should move beyond conventional thinking on congestion charging, to transport appraisal and the operational difficulties facing the transport system in moving towards 24/7 provision. The most recent papers by Peter Headicar and Alan Baxter CBE have reflected the ITC’s mission to ‘join up’ transport and land use planning, by exploring what the future holds for traffic and our towns, and also looking at the broader connectivity needs of our cities.

Published Papers:

No. 10: Transport and Brexit (July 2017)

No. 9: Children and Travel (April 2016)

No. 8: Devolution in England and Transport (November 2015)

No. 7: Connectivity and Cities: why transport is the key to our collective intelligence (June 2015)

No. 6: Traffic and Towns: the next 50 years (Jan 2015)

No. 5: Automated Cars: A smooth ride ahead? (Feb 2014)

No. 4: How can transport better plan for Crisis Events? (Dec 2011)

No. 3: The Implications of the 24/7 Society for Transport (April 2011)

No. 2: The Benefit, or Hidden Costs, of Social Cost Benefit Analysis in Transport (Sept 2010)

No. 1: Beyond Congestion Charging (May 2004)