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Bus usage falling steeply in England, think tank finds, but new markets emerging

27 January 2020

A new report by the Independent Transport Commission (ITC), Britain’s leading pan-transport think tank, uncovers major changes in travel behaviour across the bus market in England over the past decade. Against a backdrop of falling overall bus usage in spite of significant population growth, the report shows that the traditional core market for the bus has been shrinking. Today’s bus travel is shaped around a smaller number of higher-intensity users, with each passenger outside London making an additional 5% journeys than in 2009.



‘Aviation growth strategy fundamental to the UK’s economic future, concludes ITC study’

20 November 2017

Ahead of the 2017 Budget, the ITC think tank report examines the economic contribution of aviation and the importance of excellent airport connectivity to drive a highly productive economy post-Brexit. It makes the case for fiscal and regulatory regime change to create an aviation framework fit for a 21stcentury economic growth strategy.



‘ITC research shows seismic shifts in travel behaviour in England over the last 20 years’

08 December 2016

A new Independent Transport Commission (ITC) study looking at 1995-2014 data finds individual car use is decreasing among younger people (under-35s), while rail ridership is increasing across all age groups, in spite of the Great Recession (2008-09) and above inflation rail ticket costs.


‘HS2 Ready’: think tank report issues call-to-arms on regeneration through high-speed rail

16 May 2016

A new report by the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) setting out the regeneration and transport benefits of high-speed rail (HSR) was launched in Leeds today (10.30, 16 May 2016) with The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport.


Encourage more independent travel by children, suggests new ITC research.

27 April 2016

The latest Occasional Paper from the Independent Transport Commission (ITC), “Children and Travel“, authored by social research expert Kristine Beuret OBE, has uncovered striking changes in children’s travel. Through examples of good practice, the paper makes the case for encouraging greater independent travel by children and recommendations for making public transport more child-friendly in an effort to try to reverse some of these trends.


UK Aviation sustainability challenges can be overcome, finds transport think tank.

07 March 2016

An Independent Transport Commission (ITC) report, “The sustainability of UK Aviation: Trends in the mitigation of noise and emissions”, has established that concerns around noise, carbon emissions (CO2) and local air quality that arise from aviation operations do not need to be a show-stopper for the UK’s pursuit of airport capacity enhancements at either Heathrow or Gatwick.


ITC/ORR report shows changing attitudes to road and rail travel in Britain

16 July 2015

A comprehensive report commissioned by the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) and the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) sheds light on the reasons behind the changing patterns of behaviour in road and rail travel in the UK, including car use and ownership.


Think tank calls on the Government to act swiftly and implement the Airports Commission’s recommendations

22 June 2015

An Independent Transport Commission (ITC) report, “Time to act: the economic consequences of failing to expand airport capacity”, has established the macro­‐economic consequences ‐ including significant productivity and inward investment benefits foregone – of the Government not acting upon the Airports Commission’s forthcoming recommendations.


International research establishes how to capture regeneration and transport benefits from HSR

20 November 2014

Today, the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) launched its report, ‘Ambitions and Opportunities: Understanding the Spatial Effects of High Speed Rail’, with the Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP; the Chairman of HS2 Ltd, Sir David Higgins; André Delpont, special adviser for Bordeaux Euratlantique; and regional council leaders, including Cllr Sir Albert Bore.

After extensive international field research, the report concludes that high-speed rail (HSR) can be the cornerstone for a step change in the integration and improvement of regional infrastructure. With correct planning, HSR investment can help to increase the long-term capacity of the UK’s transport infrastructure and act as a catalyst for the economic regeneration of our cities and regions.


High Speed Rail can unlock connectivity and regional growth, finds the Independent Transport Commission

21 October 2013

High Speed Rail will provide a catalyst for better connectivity and growth in the UK’s regions but only if it is planned correctly, the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) announces in a new study paper looking at the effects of High Speed Rail (HSR) on our cities and regions.


What Next on Action for Roads? The ITC launches new research on winning public trust

22 July 2013

The Independent Transport Commission (ITC) welcomes the Government’s new command paper entitled ‘Action for Roads’. We note that the Government is now seeking views on options for how roads are managed at the same time as increasing accountability. The ITC wants to stimulate public debate on this important policy challenge, and so is today announcing a new research study to help us better understand public attitudes on how our road network should be managed and how we should pay for this in Britain over the longer term.


ITC releases new report and recommends a Single Major International Hub Airport for the UK

28 May 2013

The Independent Transport Commission (ITC) announces the launch of its report, Flying into the Future: Key issues for assessing Britain’s aviation infrastructure needs. The report is based on the wide range of submissions received by the ITC in response to its Call for Evidence during Autumn 2012.


ITC Releases major new co-sponsored report on UK Road and Rail Travel Trends

03 December 2012

The Independent Transport Commission (ITC) is pleased to announce the launch on 03 December of a major new report, A Nation on the Move: Making sense of contrasting car and rail trends in Britain. The report has been authored by a research team led by Professor Peter Jones and Dr Scott Le Vine, and has been commissioned by the Independent Transport Commission, the Office for Rail Regulation, the RAC Foundation, and Transport Scotland. It reveals the main trends that lie behind stagnating car use and rapidly rising rail travel since the late 1990s.


ITC Releases Aviation capacity Call for Evidence

03 July 2012

To inform its major new study into the strategic options to solve the UK’s aviation capacity needs, the ITC has launched a Call for Evidence, inviting submissions from key stakeholders, the aviation industry and the public.


How can Transport better plan for Crisis Events?

12 December 2011

With the winter season upon us, the ITC has released an Occasional Paper exploring ways in which transport can better plan for crises.


The Transport Consequences of a 24/7 Society

14 April 2011

The ITC launches a new Occasional Paper on the transport consequences of moving towards a 24 hour 7 day Society.


Rethinking Transport Appraisal

26 September 2010

An Occasional Paper investigating how we can improve Transport Appraisal based on Social Cost Benefit Analysis.


The Prospects for Longer Distance Travel in Britain

21 March 2010

A Major New Research Project forecasts Long Distance Travel Demand through to 2030.


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