Discussion Evenings

ITC ‘Forward Thinking’ Discussion Evenings

As part of the Commission’s drive to generate new thinking on issues associated with transport, planning, and land use, it was agreed to establish a series of regular Discussion Evenings. These were originally held at the Cowcross Street Gallery, in Farringdon, London, but now take place in a variety of settings, digitally as well as in person. These invitation-only events bring together about 60 leading experts and policy makers to discuss key policy problems in the world of transport and land use.

The inaugural evening was held on 13th April 2010 at 6:30pm, with Adam Raphael, Sir David King, Colin Matthews CBE and Jim Steer debating ‘The Environmental Case for a Third Runway at Heathrow’.

Next Event

TBC: Do we need to travel less in order to meet our net-zero carbon targets?

Note: This will be an online webinar  – for more details contact the Events Team

Past Events


17 April 2023: How can our cities meet their net-zero carbon transport road maps (Digital Event)?


7 April 2022: How can transport infrastructure contribute positively to the local environment (Digital Event)


14th July 2021: What will be the policy impacts of new aviation technologies? (Digital Event)

11th March 2021: How can policy makers help UK transport recover from the Covid-19 pandemic? (Digital event)


7th December 2020: How can lower density development be made compatible with sustainable transport? (Digital event)

12th February 2020: How can we scale up the use of alternative fuels in transport?


29th October 2019: What will be the transport impacts of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) in our cities?

30th April 2019: What will the future hold for coach travel in Britain?

13th February 2019: What does the future hold for rail passenger demand?


23 October 2018: How best should we capture land value uplift from transport investment?

17 April 2018: How will new technologies improve freight transport and supply chains?

20 February 2018: What is the future for taxis and private hire in the UK?


26 October 2017: What will be the impact of aerial drones on transport?

11 July 2017: How can we address overcrowding on public transport in our cities?

9 May 2017: How will autonomous cars change our travel behaviour?

21 February 2017: How will rising levels of tourism affect transport in the UK?


31 October 2016 – How can we promote good design of our transport infrastructure?

14 July 2016 – How can we improve urban freight distribution in Britain?

26 April 2016 – Do we need to rethink transport policy towards children?

23 February 2016 – How is the sharing economy changing travel?


21 October 2015 – What impacts will the changing nature of work and the workplace have on travel?

14 July 2015 – Will smart technology have a greater impact on transport than physical infrastructure?

28 April 2015 – What are the connections between transport and health?

17 February 2015 – What are the transport implications of greater devolution for English cities and city-regions?


21 October 2014 – How can behavioural psychology help improve transport policy?

16 July 2014 – The challenges facing freight and logistics in the UK

8 April 2014 – How can we improve education and skills in transport?

11 February 2014 – How can we improve the first and last mile of our journeys?


22 October 2013 – Rural Transport: how can we improve services and provision?

10 July 2013 – Improving the efficiency of UK freight movements: the contribution to growth

1 May 2013 – What can transport learn from the utilities about improving charging mechanisms?

19 February 2013 – Demographic change in the UK: how will it affect transport?


9 July 2012 – Different ownership models in UK transport: do they matter?

19 April 2012 – What is the way forward for UK aviation policy?

30 January 2012 – How can we achieve better value for money from our transport infrastructure?


5 October 2011 – Two Speed Britain: will High Speed Rail create a new British megalopolis?

28 June 2011 – Car Futures: how will technology shape policy?

14 April 2011 – What will be the consequences of a 24/7 Society?

17 January 2011 – Crisis Scenarios: How can transport best manage the unexpected?


06 October 2010 – Do we need to constrain travel?

17 June 2010 – How would you spend £50 billion on Britain’s transport infrastructure?

13 April 2010 – Is there an environmental case for a third runway at Heathrow?