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title=In October 2012 the ITC launched a specially written Information Folder, containing insights from many fields of human knowledge on the fundamental motivations behind human travel.


Why Travel? What are the fundamental motivations that underpin the journeys we make? To what extend do we make journeys for reasons other than the simple function of getting from A to B? And how can we create policy that better satisfies these motivations and the quality of our travel experience?

There is growing evidence that travel behaviour is rooted in the desire to move as a purpose in itself: an issue determined by social, physical, psychological and cultural factors that are often missed in travel demand analysis and forecasting. This suggests that the quality of our journeys is much more important than has previously been realised, and that we need to see travel and transport as a central aspect of human well-being.

Understanding why we travel has important consequences for policy. Travel is a fundamental action underpinning human life and the world economy, contributing more than 10% of global GDP. A better comprehension of the nature of travel and its relation to human behaviour will be crucial if we are to plan our infrastructure and built environment in such a way that improves our quality of life. It can also help policy makers understand how far people can really change their travel choices.

Through research and the development of a national debate, the ITC thereby hope to generate a better understanding of the forces that dictate our travel choices. To launch this debate, we have engaged a distinguished team of experts to write topic sheets on the theme of ‘Why Travel?’ from the perspective of a wide range of different disciplines. The topics chosen are by no means exhaustive, and there will be additional areas that we will be exploring in future work.

The Folder

You can download the Folder introduction and the 12 Inserts below:

Why Travel Folder Cover and Introduction

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Insert B: The Mind/Neuroscience

Insert C: Philosophy

Insert D: Economics

Insert E: Anthropology

Insert F: Sociological Insights

Insert G: Theology

Insert H: Exploration

Insert I: Tourism

Insert J: Literature and Art

Insert K: Ecology

Insert L: Technology

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