Research Reports 2002-2012


On the Move 

Making sense of Car and Rail travel trends in Britain (December 2012)

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A Technical Compendium to accompany the above report can be downloaded from the following link: Technical Compendium to On the Move (Supporting Paper 1)

On the Move: Rail Demand Forecasting [Supporting Paper 2] (December 2012)

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On the Move: National Rail Passenger Survey Data Analysis [Supporting Paper 3] (December 2012)

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Pipers and Tunes: Putting the Road User in Charge

Paying for Roads: What is the way forward? (Phase One Report, October 2012)

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Why Travel? An Investigation

Information Folder (October 2012)


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Long Distance Travel

In 2010 the ITC published the results of a three-year project developing a model to forecast long distance travel demand in Britain. The study indicated that economic growth remained the single biggest factor affecting long distance travel demand in Britain, and noted that in the absence of major policy measures the demand for air travel would accelerate.

Long Distance Travel in Britain

Prospects in a time of uncertainty (March 2010)


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The Prospects for Longer Distance

Domestic Coach, Rail, Air, and Car Travel in Britain (January 2010)

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Road Pricing

The Commission published a series of reports on Road Pricing in the mid 2000s led by Professor Stephen Glaister. The reports were welcomed by the government as evidence that road pricing could pay for new roads. At the same time the ITC noted that the government would have to be clear where the extra money would be spent, and warned that there was a risk of increasing congestion on rural roads.

Road Pricing and Road Investment

(November 2006)

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Investing in Roads: Pricing, Costs and New Capacity

Christopher Archer and Stephen Glaister (November 2006)

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Paying to Drive

Scenarios for 2010 (April 2006)

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Road Pricing in Great Britain: Winners and Losers

Technical Report, Stephen Glaister and Dan Graham (April 2006)

Road Pricing Great Britain

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Suburbs and Exurbs

The Commission asked Professor Marcial Echenique of the University of Cambridge to report on the future of British Suburbs and Exurbs. Echenique’s report warned that current policies would encourage suburban expansion, increasing both commuting times and carbon emissions, forcing a rethink of government policy.

Suburban Future

(July 2004)

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The Future of Suburbs and Exurbs

Marcial Echenique and Rob Homewood (July 2004)

Future of Suburbs and Exurbs

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How best to Pay for Travel?

The Commission published a number of reports looking at transport investment, pricing and taxation.

Transport Pricing

Better for Travellers (June 2003)

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Transport Pricing and Investment in England

Stephen Glaister and Dan Graham (May 2003)

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Summary Report (PDF, 2.7MB)

Technical Report (PDF, 3.5MB)

Transport Pricing and Investment in Britain: A Scoping Study

Dan Graham and Stephen Glaister (August 2001)

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Land Use Effects of the 10 Year Plan

Fearing that transport and land use policy had become increasingly disconnected, in 2002 the ITC commissioned Sir Peter Hall to investigate the land use effects of the Government’s 10 Year Plan. Hall’s conclusions that the Plan would encourage urban sprawl and threaten regeneration was credited with encouraging a re-orientation of policy towards more brownfield development.

The Land Use Effects of ‘The 10 year Plan’

(September 2002)

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Tomorrow’s Transport

In response to the Labour Government’s Transport 10 Year Plan the ITC released in 2001 a report on ‘Tomorrow’s Transport’ calling for bolder policy initiatives to tackle potential future problems. The report was widely reviewed, particularly the conclusion that traffic would eventually become increasingly unmanageable in suburban and rural areas, and helped shift policy in the direction of ‘liveable streets’.

Tomorrow’s Transport

(March 2001)


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