Why Travel?

Image courtesy of Jai’me via Flickr Creative Commons

Movement is one of the fundamental behaviours that underpin human life and society, yet we still understand too little about its nature, its importance, and how human travel and mobility might be changing in response to technological and social developments. This project is exploring this issue, using as wide a range of insights as possible, and forms part of the ITC’s educational remit to reach beyond the transport world and engage the general public in these questions.

The first phase of the study resulted in an information pack designed for a broad audience, which was launched by the Secretary of State for Transport at a special event hosted at Rothschild. The information pack has since been praised as a significant education resource and is available to download online at www.whytravel.org .

We are now completing a book of essays with Policy Press, to be published early 2021, which will explore these questions from a wide range of experts in fields including evolutionary biology, psychology, sociology, economics and anthropology. To help disseminate the findings, the ITC has created a dedicated website with relevant articles and interviews with leading thinkers and specialists: this is now live at www.whytravel.org .