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The Independent, Stephen Bayley – 27 July 2014

Let’s put the fantasy back into travel

The deceptively simple question “Why do we travel?” was up for a debate at a recent meeting of the Independent Transport Commission. I was one of the debaters. Although I travel a lot, I wanted to argue that incentives for travel are diminishing as globalisation forces a lowering homogeneity in most of our experiences.

Transport Xtra – Issue 608, 26 October 2012

‘Why Travel?’ Independent Transport Commission asks

(Subscription required) The Independent Transport Commission has launched a new project to investigate the fundamental motivations that underpin the journeys we make. The project, entitled ‘Why Travel?’, is being undertaken by the ITC because, it says, “It is clear we still understand too little about the motivations that underpin travel, in spite of its critical importance for our whole way of life and our future.