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The Independent iNews – 27 January 2020

Millennials are doing their bit to stop the decline in bus use

Millennials are leading a charge to halt the decline in bus use outside London, according to a report that has reignited calls for more investment in services.

Journeys by bus have declined by 15 percent outside the capital according to a study by the Independent Transport Commission, which has examined how travel behaviour has changed in England since 2009.

The proportion of the population who are bus users has also declined from 21 percent to 18 percent, but those who still travel by bus are using them more intensely – making five percent more journeys in a decade.

The Daily Mirror – 27 January 2020

Bus use boosted by the young

More young men are taking the bus, bucking the trend of a decline in use. Those aged between 17 and 39 made 14% more trips in the last 10 years.

The Independent Transport Commission research looked at bus use outside London. The ITC said ‘It’s not all gloom for bus travel’.

Birmingham Mail – 27 January 2020

The number of people taking the bus in the West Midlands has fallen, as researchers try to find out why

A new study by think tank the Independent Transport Commission has attempted to work out why bus services are less popular than they used to be.

The think tank says that the decline in passenger journeys is a result of fewer people using buses, rather than people travelling less. It said: “The researchers have found that the decline in bus use in England over the past decade is largely due to a fall in the proportion of the population who are bus users, rather than existing bus users travelling less often.”

Local Transport Today – February 2020

Proportion of population who use buses is shrinking, finds the ITC

The decline in bus use in England over the last decade is largely explained by a shrinking proportion of the population using buses, rather than bus users making fewer trips, according to a major new report for the Independent Transport Commission. “The proportion of the English population who are ‘bus users’, defined as making at least one bus boarding in the National Travel Survey seven-day diary period, has declined since 2009/11 from 47 per cent to 42 per cent in London in 2015/17.