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Rail Engineer – 18May 2018

Performance or Capacity

The Independent Transport Commission (ITC) similarly developed its own April 2017 report ‘Classic Rail and Connected Cities’, with a seminar in July addressing ‘Overcrowding on Public Transport’. Grounded in rail infrastructure improvement and innovation deployment, the discussion broadened into multimodal transport planning for capacity solutions, acknowledging the need to resolve behavioural and disability challenges faced by travellers.

Transport Professional Magazine– February 2018

Senior academics are about to begin exploring the reasons behind England’s continued decline in bus use, in an effort to help Government improve its policy making around public transport. A 12 month study will begin at Easter, led by the Independent Transport Commission research charity and supported by a donation from the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund.“Our aim is to understand the factors that are driving the decline,” explains the Commission’s director Dr Matthew Niblett.