2002-2006 Media

BBC News – 27 November 2006

Charging ‘could fund new roads’

A substantial number of new roads could be built if the government introduced “pay-as-you-drive” charges on Britain’s roads, research suggests. The Independent Transport Commission said enough money would be raised to put roads in tunnels in built-up areas.

The Telegraph, David Millward – 18 April 2006

Road pricing ‘will affect most drivers’

The cost of motoring would be cut only for those living in rural areas, the Independent Transport Commission report said. If the Government used road pricing to raise additional money for the public purse even more motorists would be worse off.

BBC News – 19 July 2004

Call for suburban transport plan

The Independent Transport Commission (ITC) warned of an increase in journey-to-work times in coming years. Without congestion charging in the suburbs, commuting times could rise 10 minutes on average by 2021, it said.

The Guardian, Matt Weaver – 14 October 2002

Transport plan ‘threatens urban revival

The government’s 10-year transport plan could hamper efforts to regenerate Britain’s inner cities, by encouraging long distance commuting and urban sprawl, according to a report today by an influential government adviser, Sir Peter Hall. Written for the Independent Transport Commission thinktank, it predicted that the government’s £180bn planned road and rail investment will encourage people to move out or urban areas and commute to work from much greater distances.