ITC gives evidence to House of Lords Built Environment Committee

ITC Commissioner John Worthington, chairman of the ITC’s High Speed Rail and cities project, presented evidence on 19th November to the House of Lords Built Environment Committee as part of their enquiry into infrastructure provision. A recording can be viewed using this link.

ITC debates the impacts of work on travel

The ITC hosted a Discussion Evening on 21st October 2015 to discuss how the changing nature of work and the workplace will impact our travel patterns. Read the summary of the evening’s conversation.

What impacts will the changing nature of work and the workplace have on travel?

The nature of work is changing fast. Online working, flexible hours, the rise of self-employment and outsourcing are shifting working needs away from conventional 9am-5pm employment patterns. At the same time, these trends are creating an increasingly virtual and varied working environment, forcing changes in the design of the modern office and a rethinking of […]

ITC releases new Occasional Paper on Devolution and Transport

The ITC has released a new Occasional Paper entitled ‘Devolution in England and Transport’ by legal expert Mary Bonar. The paper explores the transport impacts of attempts to devolve further powers to English city-regions.

ITC gives evidence to Transport Select Committee

The ITC Director presented evidence to the Transport Select Committee on 26th October as part of their inquiry into surface access at airports. The ITC released a report exploring surface access requirements at airports in late 2014, authored by Professor Tim Ryley.