Will smart technology have a greater impact on transport than physical infrastructure?

Smart data and technology are already reshaping the way we travel. Mobile communications are providing us with new ways to pay, obtain real-time information, and experience our transport choices; while the vehicles we travel in and the networks we use are being transformed by new technologies. To what extent does this pose a challenge to current policy formulation, […]

Making connections: what are the links between transport and health?

Travel and movement impact our health in a variety of ways. We can improve our health through remaining active and through physical activity. Transport can also deliver health, through the fine work of our medics and ambulance service, and yet it can also impact health negatively through accidents and sedentary behaviour on long-distance journeys. A […]

How can we use knowledge from the behavioural sciences to improve transport policy?

Developing a better understanding of human behaviour is crucial if we are to improve our transport systems and achieve policy goals. The potential for applying knowledge from the behavioural sciences to the transport world is great, and often such insights result in cost-effective ways of changing demand and user behaviour, and point to enhancements in […]

The challenges facing freight and logistics in the UK

The Occasion The ITC commissioned in 2013 a research work stream to investigate the efficiency of freight movements in the UK: an issue of crucial importance to the UK economy. This emerged from our recognition that the freight and logistics industry faces significant pressure from cost increases, environmental legislation and rapid changes in global connectivity […]

ITC releases new study on attitudes to road and rail travel

The ITC and co-sponsors ORR have released a new report investigating changing attitudes to road and rail travel in Britain. The study, by Social Research Associates, forms part of a larger ITC project aiming to understand the drivers of changing road and rail travel behaviour.

ITC Report on changing attitudes to road and rail travel

The ITC has launched a new report exploring changing attitudes to road and rail travel in Britain. The study, by Social Research Associates, focuses on the categories of young people, older people, migrants and business travellers.

ITC releases new Occasional Paper on Connectivity and Cities

The ITC has released a new Occasional Paper entitled ‘Connectivity and Cities: why transport is the key to our collective intelligence’ by engineer and urbanist Alan Baxter CBE. The paper explores the infrastructure needs of the 21st century city.